Selling my part finished CNC router project as I have not touched it in about 3 years.
I built this as an alternative to something like a WorkBee machine. Mechanically it is basically finished, and pretty much all the electrics you will need to get this going are included in the sale.

Build Log;

Asking for 400 initially.
Collection from Ramsbottom, just north of Bury.

Frame. 3mm thick welded steel.
X axis. 750mm long, 16mm supported linear rails on a 100x60x3.6mm RHS. 1610 ball screw. 3x bearing blocks on each rail.
Y axis. 750mm long, 16mm supported linear rails on a 60x60x3mm SHS. Dual 1610 ball screw driven by a single stepper motor. 3x bearing blocks on each rail.
Z axis. 300mm long, 16mm supported linear rails 9.5mm aluminium plate. 1610 ball screw. 3x bearing blocks on each rail.
Approx Travel. X 600mm, Y 550mm, 140mm.
Motors. 3x Nema 23 60BYGH301B 3.1Nm (40 each new)
Stepper Drivers. 3x DM860T Digital Stepper Driver 2.4-7.2A 18-80VAC or 36-110VDC (35 each new)
Spindle. Kress 1050 FME (I purchased this used. Seem to start around 250 new. I have used this in a little jig to square up some of the aluminium plates in this machine.)
Transformer. VTX-146-500-130 500VA Toroidal Transformer 230V Primary 2 x 30V (60 new)

Other items included in the sale. CY Cable. Cable chain for X axis. Kress spindle bracket. NPN end stops, fuse and connectors, extra pulleys and belts, 300x175mm precision square for alignment.

The Y axis rails have been levelled by using shims and measuring from a precision surface plate with DTI. See post 135 in build log.

All electronics were tested and working when purchased, and have been stored in my bone-dry garage ever since.

This is based on 50% of the cost to buy the major items new (Rails, screws, spindle, motors, drivers, transformer).

Link to CAD and Photos. Note this CAD has some parts in that were never made. See photos for what is actually included.