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  1. WANTED: Suppliers of small quantities of BSW screws etc..
  2. WANTED: Energy chain
  3. WANTED: Timing Pulley Suppliers?
  4. WANTED: UNC grub screw supplier?
  5. WANTED: WANTED 2 Steppers
  6. WANTED: CNCbrain wanted
  8. WANTED: Looking for cable braid
  9. WANTED: Aliminium profile supplies
  10. WANTED: SIEG C3 Mini Lathe WANTED
  11. WANTED: Looking For...
  12. WANTED: Automatic toolpost wanted for Harison M250 cnc
  13. WANTED: Anyone got any brochures on old cnc machines?
  14. WANTED: Need electronics, anyone upgrading??
  15. WANTED: Bridgeport x and y bearing brackets
  16. WANTED: SIEG C3 Mini Lathe
  17. WANTED: Ballscrew and antibacklash nut for Z axis
  18. WANTED: Metric feed nuts for bridgeport
  19. WANTED: 12mm ball screw & nut
  20. WANTED: Wanted: Somone to mill some parts for me
  21. WANTED: 11" Harrison
  22. WANTED: Wanted: Nema 23 motor mount
  23. WANTED: Nema 23 motor mount
  24. WANTED: Where can I get some 8 - 10mm linear bearings - rail
  25. WANTED: Looking for used mills ?
  26. WANTED: Router Wanted
  27. WANTED: Small CNC Drill/Mill
  28. WANTED: Ali Extrusion anyone?
  29. WANTED: Wanted taps & die
  30. WANTED: Boxford Imperial Lead screw + Half nut
  31. WANTED: Needed for my build
  32. WANTED: Broken lathe??
  33. WANTED: Hardinge hlv-h or Feeler 618
  34. WANTED: 8mm x 8mm (ID) motor couplers
  35. WANTED: Boxford 125TCL Tool holder?
  36. WANTED: small(ish) manual milling machine
  37. WANTED: Wanted: Small Metal Work Milling Machine
  38. WANTED: looking for 6061 T6 Aluminium angle
  39. WANTED: 8mm Reamer
  40. WANTED: Tool holders for T2 (I think) quick change toolpost
  41. WANTED: wanted drive belt and pulleys
  42. WANTED: 4 x 8 cnc router wanted and multi borer machine
  43. WANTED: Wanted: Spindle
  44. WANTED: Power Supply wanted
  45. WANTED: Spindle holder for 1.5kw Chinese spindle.
  46. WANTED: Taking the plunge again!!!
  47. WANTED: Profile rails, 600mm and 900mm
  48. WANTED: CNC Bench Lathe wanted
  49. WANTED: Conect Minor or Major CNC Milling Machine Wanted
  50. WANTED: PC for my new cnc machine
  51. WANTED: Roller end caps from pvc or nylon Help!
  52. WANTED: Ice ball mold price question...
  53. WANTED: RM1605 Ballnut Tubes ( keep the bearings in place during fitting and transport)
  54. WANTED: Looking for a 8'x4' cnc machine
  55. WANTED: Boxford 190VMC toolholders, tool changer and manuals
  56. WANTED: 4amp (ish) Driver wanted
  57. WANTED: 2 x 20/16mm supported round rail
  58. WANTED: ER20/25 straight shank collet chucks
  59. WANTED: Looking for a used axyz 4000 series cnc router
  60. WANTED: Frame work
  61. WANTED: Wanted cnc router!!
  62. WANTED: Spai Genio software
  63. WANTED: Ballscrew and nut
  64. WANTED: Wanted - small bench cnc mill
  66. WANTED: Wanted Denford Triac CNC Mill
  67. WANTED: Small Milling machine
  68. WANTED: Anyone got a TB6560AHQ IC?
  69. WANTED: 5" / 125mm Lathe chuck
  70. WANTED: Walter Helitronic Power 500,600 CNC required
  71. WANTED: Routout CNC Driver Board 2.5 amp Single
  72. WANTED: Denford Triac
  73. WANTED: Bridgeport style miller wanted/ Boxford VM30 miller part ex or sale.
  74. WANTED: adjustable tailstock
  75. WANTED: Denford EasyTurn Wanted - Boxford 125TCL & AUD Part ex.
  76. WANTED: Boxford design tool Software V10
  77. WANTED: WANTED Nakamura-tome TMC-20 manuals
  78. WANTED: 4" / 100mm lathe chuck
  79. WANTED: Router Spindle Motor
  80. WANTED: Steel Off-cut!
  81. WANTED: GCc Laser Pro or Epilog Laser Cutter Machine
  82. WANTED: 12 x 2 mm acme (trapezoidal) tap
  83. WANTED: Steinel SV1 Collets
  84. WANTED: Anyone have one of the ebay special 50V 500W Minebea PSU's still?
  85. WANTED: Denford Triac / Easimill
  86. WANTED: denford nova/star mill - emco f1/ pc50 - boxford vmc or similar wanted
  87. WANTED: 10mm think square of aluminium?
  88. WANTED: Bit OT - 15mm od seamless tube?
  89. WANTED: spindle
  90. WANTED: CNC mill - WHY?
  91. WANTED: CNC Mill/Router for Cutting Aluminium
  92. WANTED: Centec 2A manual
  93. WANTED: Denford Triac with automatic tool changer
  94. WANTED: Basic 3 Axis CNC breakout board.
  95. WANTED: Tb6560ahq ic
  96. WANTED: Cnc router wanted
  97. WANTED: 4 jaw chuck Boxford - Axminster etc
  98. WANTED: 3-Axis Mill recommendations
  99. WANTED: Mig gas bottle.
  100. WANTED: Wanted: Cnc router at least 1200 x 1200 bed size
  101. WANTED: collet chuck
  102. WANTED: Small amount of Profile Section wanted plz
  103. WANTED: 3mm Ball nose bit please
  104. WANTED: CNC machine wanted
  105. WANTED: BP Series1 CNC Maintenance manual
  106. WANTED: Someone to vacuum form and trim a couple simple parts
  107. WANTED: stepper driver module
  108. WANTED: Wanted Linear Scale/Encoder
  109. WANTED: has any one got a MIG welder for sale
  110. WANTED: Boxford 125TCL Chuck Wanted
  111. WANTED: Chinese 1.5kw spindle/vfd
  112. WANTED: Has anyone got a Cnc for sale or a cnc 3020 or Cnc 3040 for sale
  113. WANTED: motors and more for my first cnc router.
  114. WANTED: Equipment
  115. WANTED: Need a tiny bit of work done on lathe
  116. WANTED: 80mm lathe chuck, 3 or 4 jaw
  117. WANTED: Wanted cnc lathe
  118. WANTED: 70v PSU
  119. WANTED: Wanted, PCB's from a Boxford 125TCL
  120. WANTED: Head Tram Square
  121. WANTED: 4ft x 4ft CNC Router
  122. WANTED: 1/8" or 3mm Single flute carbide cutters
  123. WANTED: stepper motor with dual shaft (6mm dia) wanted
  124. WANTED: SFU1610 Ballnut
  125. WANTED: home built cnc
  126. WANTED: Off-cut required.
  127. WANTED: EPS Block
  128. WANTED: TG 100 Collets in various sizes
  129. WANTED: 2.2 KW Chinese Spindle
  130. WANTED: 3 nema 23's 76-81 or 86mm long, 8 wire - shaft each end - turn wheels, if 8mm out...
  131. WANTED: xp pro computer, with mach3 license and maybe vectric on it with license
  132. WANTED: Supported rail. The bigger the better
  133. WANTED: X3 CNC milling machine
  134. WANTED: Milling machine head
  135. WANTED: Metal Lathe Wanted Cheshire/Manchester/Liverpool area.
  136. WANTED: Metal Lathe Cheshire/Manchester/Liverpool Area
  137. WANTED: Drill press
  138. WANTED: 10 x 5 CNC Router
  139. WANTED: Van ply lining programs
  140. WANTED: FOUND: RM1605 ballscrew, at least 365mm (ish)
  141. WANTED: Wanted - a 1/4" (6.35mm) ER11 collet.
  142. WANTED: Electrical Box for inverter
  143. WANTED: EMCO Lathe Tool Changer
  144. WANTED: Hobby CNC Mill
  145. WANTED: FK12 fixed ballscrew support
  146. WANTED: 3 axis cnc wanted bridgeport size
  147. WANTED: 22mm or 7/8" (approx) drill
  148. WANTED: Wanted CNC Router
  149. WANTED: Engraving Machine to engrave around 0.3mm depth, DXF files on aluminium, anyone?
  150. WANTED: 100mmx100mm 6mm aluminium plate/sheet.
  151. WANTED: 10mm Bosch Rexroth Drilling Jig wanted
  152. WANTED: Ball nut brackets for16mm ballscrews
  153. WANTED: Ballnut Bracket needed please
  154. WANTED: 3 bits of 250 by 1220 by 40mm t-slot, 1220 16X5 threaded rod and isel ballscrew, plus
  155. WANTED: BK12 Bearing Block Wanted - 1 off
  156. WANTED: wanted 250mm by ? 40mm thick isel t slot - 3 bits ? length and a 16 by 5 ballscerw
  157. WANTED: Small milling head
  158. WANTED: parker CD20 stepper drive
  159. WANTED: 2 x 20mm Fully Supported Round Rail
  160. WANTED: cnc milling machine
  161. WANTED: bolt on rail and block bearings or what ever - what have you
  162. WANTED: Looking for a MKII Boxford duet for conversion to Mach 3
  163. WANTED: Isel router wanted
  164. WANTED: Boxford Threading Dial
  165. WANTED: 150mm dia x 15mm wall Ali pipe
  166. WANTED: emco compact 8 or denford orac tail stock wanted
  167. WANTED: TB6560 + PSU, Drivers, BOB's, Nema 23 Kits DEAD or ALIVE
  168. WANTED: Wanted Isel c142-4 controller
  169. WANTED: Ballnut brakets
  170. WANTED: Wanted small cnc router
  171. WANTED: Mist lubrication system
  172. WANTED: QC 30 holders or Erickson or Kennemetal NMTB 30 holders.
  173. WANTED: easy change collet chuck
  174. WANTED: After some nylon sheet please or offcuts.
  175. WANTED: Small pice of ali plate 80mm x 80mm x 17-20 mm
  176. WANTED: wanted CNC Mill.
  177. WANTED: 2 nema 23's 76mm long dual shafts 6.35mm plus one 56mm long nema 23 dual shafgt 6.35
  178. WANTED: Live-in workshop in London
  179. WANTED: no longer required
  180. WANTED: HIWIN legacy blocks/carriages - LGH20 or LGW20 LGR20C Electrolysis
  181. WANTED: Wanted Powermill to mach3 post
  182. WANTED: Hiwin 15 plastic ball retainer
  183. Wanted - Cnc router
  184. WANTED: Wanted: Boxford 160 TCL CNC Turning Machine Tool Installation & User Manual
  185. WANTED: Wanted: denford mill + boxford tcl lathe
  186. WANTED: Boxford TCL 160 front panel
  187. WANTED: milling table
  188. WANTED: Small metal airsoft part
  189. WANTED: (Now found) 2 Inductive sensors
  190. WANTED: boxford 260vmc
  191. WANTED: cnc plasma table or in parts
  192. WANTED: tibken taper bearing
  193. WANTED: 4 core CY cable... midlands
  194. WANTED: BT 35 Tool Holders
  195. WANTED: High voltage stepper drives
  196. WANTED: Table top CNC lathe wanted.
  197. WANTED: Gerber cnc router
  198. WANTED: Wanted, Roland MDX 40 or similar
  199. WANTED: Wanted CNC Router
  200. WANTED: looking to buy
  201. WANTED: SBR 16 or 20 supported rails
  202. WANTED: part number
  203. WANTED: Bridgeport table wanted
  204. WANTED: Wanted Colchester/Tom Senior parts
  205. WANTED: Wanted small cnc lathe
  206. WANTED: One off (smallish) piece of SFU1204 & ballnut
  207. WANTED: Boxford 160 tcl bench top cnc lathe
  208. WANTED: 75mm or longer Flexible Brush strip.
  209. WANTED: Proxxon MF70
  210. WANTED: Wanted: Proxxon MF70 Desktop Milling Machine or Similar
  211. WANTED: Looking for tailstock backplate
  212. WANTED: CNC Milling Machine
  213. WANTED: EMCO 5 CNC original parts wanted
  214. WANTED: cnc capable milling machine
  215. WANTED: wanted spindle speed increaser for cnc milling machine
  216. WANTED: Testing the water, Gerber System 48 or variant
  217. WANTED: Fanuc Triac Levelling pad and buttons
  218. WANTED: 4th Axis (A axis)
  219. WANTED: 3-4 AXIS CNC Milling machine wanted
  220. WANTED: WANTED - Deford Triac ATC In/Out cylinder
  221. Proto trak mx3 DNC kit
  222. WANTED: 20mm rail
  223. WANTED: Dahlgren dsc2000 black box to drive Gryphon suregrave router
  224. WANTED: WANTED: CNC Benchtop Machine
  225. WANTED: Roland MDX-40 or 40A or SRM-20
  226. WANTED: Cheapest Place for Threadmills?
  227. WANTED: Hiwin rail + carriages
  228. WANTED: Yaskawa servopack
  229. WANTED: Boxford or Denford Lathe Auto Tool Changer
  230. Plasma table 4x4 kit and electronics
  231. WANTED: wanted small cnc lathe
  232. WANTED: WTD Eurotherm/SSD drives
  233. 25mm Round Rail @ 400mm L
  234. WANTED: SORTED : light-weight rails & screws (ball/trapezoidal)
  235. WANTED: Looking for quote for a chrome plated piece of steel (details enclosed)
  236. WANTED: Easy change collets
  237. WANTED: WANTED - Hardinge 5C Hexagonal Collet 3/4"
  238. WANTED: CNC MACHINE 1000mm X 600mm
  239. WANTED: Keyed shafts
  240. WANTED: Harrison mill Vertical head
  241. WANTED: Mesa Cards
  242. WANTED: Denford Orac old electronics
  243. WANTED: ER20-T2 Collet Spanner
  244. WANTED: 16mm supported rails
  245. WANTED: Wanted gecko g540
  246. WANTED: CNC kit for Aluminum? Supported rails, bearing blocks, screws, spindle-controller
  247. WANTED: Needing a 1.0MM Leadscrew and Chaser for a Hardinge HCT
  248. WANTED: WANTED - CNC Milling Machine, complete plug and play solution
  249. WANTED: Roland/Modela MDX 540 or 650 wanted!!!
  250. WANTED: Wanted belt drive grinding spindle.